Exhibitions / Afterglow: performance art and photography @ MGA

28.01.2011 to 03.04.2011

Afterglow examines the different ways that performance artists have used photography to document their temporal activities and extend the audience for their performances beyond the event itself. Drawing on MGA's collection of performance photography that includes works by Mike Parr, Stelarc, Jill Orr, Juan Davila, Gordon Bennett, Cherine Fahd and Justene Williams, and supplemented with loans from artists and institutions, Afterglow traces the history of photography's engagement with performance art. 28.01.2011 - 03.04.2011

Day 97 2010 by Cherine Fahd

Day 97  2010

Day 73 2009 by Cherine Fahd

Day 73  2009

Day 53 2009 by Cherine Fahd

Day 53  2009

Masking Motions 2002 by Cherine Fahd

Masking Motions  2002

Gelatin silver

10.7 x 10.8cm each image