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Hiding self portraits 2010 by Cherine Fahd

Hiding self portraits  2010

Each image 26 x 31 cm

Installation at Queensland University Museum

“Hiding” is a set of 100 self-portraits taken at home over 100 consecutive days. Labelled as self-portraits, the title sets the tone for how the viewer might come to understand them.  You may expect to see a face - my face. Instead, the portraits capture a masked protagonist in un-flashy & ordinary moments of domesticity. Only once during the days is the system of shooting at home shifted, and that is on Day 28 when a child is born. By Day 30 the baby is welcomed into the interior world of the home and begins to feature in the portraits along with his sister. The series isn’t staged nor are the scenes arranged. The camera is quickly set up in an arbitrary place at a random time in order to interrupt the everyday moment. A mask is created with anything, usually a kitchen towel, shirt, sheet, sometimes furniture or objects. But the mask is of course staged - considered sculpturally. The mask provides the images with their name, “Hiding”.