Exhibitions / You Look Like a & Ephemeral Sculptures in Landless Bodies @Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

06.10.2018 to 11.11.2018

Landless Bodies explores contemporary diasporic Arab women artists’ experiences of gender without fixed locales. Invited artists from Morocco and Australia create a rich cultural experience that reflect the role of women as leaders in the private and public realm. Exploring the relationship of situating the self in past, present and future the exhibition presents an urgency of place and representation of culture.

Curated by Lizzy Marshall

Featuring: Safaa Erruas (Morocco), Cherine Fahd (Australia), Fatima Killeen (Morocco/Australia), Fatima Mazmouz (Morroco/France), Ms Saffaa (Saudi Arabia/Australia) and Batoul Shimi (Morocco)

Casula Powerhouse
Arts Centre