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Terrorist or Hipster: What does a beard mean? https://theconversation.com/terrorist-or-hipster-what-does-a-beard-mean-74251

The Social Contract by Pippa Milne [Exhibition Catalogue]

Shadowing Portraits [pdf book]

Plinth Piece [Exhibition Catalogue]

In Camera and In Public by Naomi Cass  [Exhibition Catalogue]

Today (everyday is today) by Todd Robinson  [exhibition essay]

In Naked Repose: The Face of Candid Portrait Photography by Daniel Palmer  [Angelaki - journal of the theoretical humanities]

Cherine Fahd Stage Unstage: Photographs 1999-2008 by Daniel Mudie Cunningham  [Stage Unstage: Photographs 1999-2008 essay]

Stage Unstage: Photographs 1999-2008 by Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Cherine Fahd  [Stage Unstage: Photographs 1999-2008 exhibition catalogue]

Stopping the Pendulum– the “Trafalgar Square” series by Cherine Fahd by Dr Nils Ohlsen  [Trafalgar Square exhibition catalogue essay]

Cherine Fahd Trafalgar Square by Sandy Edwards  [Trafalgare Square exhibition catalogue essay]

Summertime by Linda Michael  [The Chosen catalogue essay]

Cherine Fahd by Jacqueline Millner  [Into the Blue exhibition catalogue]