Works / CAMOUFLAGE 2013 / Camouflage (chroma inny)

Camouflage (chroma inny) 2013 by Cherine Fahd

Camouflage (chroma inny)  2013

lambda print

50.8cm x 37.4cm

In Camouflage ideas central to portraiture are tested. The presentation and representation of self as a posing subject is established via a conscious decision to hide from the camera(and the spectator). A photographic portrait fixes the self to an image and perhaps this is the problem for me. The image is unchanging, the same for all time, unlike the self which is manifold and changeable. An antidote to this is ‘concealment’ allowing for partial disclosure, although what this disclosure makes knowable is also uncertain. The partial visibility of the photograph’s subject pre-empts the spectator’s gaze. The photographs as self-portraits ask you to look for me and in my concealment hope to suggest the uncertainty of the idea of a ‘me’.