Works / HOMAGE TO A RECTANGLE 2015 / Homage to a Rectangle, face

Homage to a Rectangle, face 2015 by Cherine Fahd

Homage to a Rectangle, face  2015

Homage to a Rectangle (2015) makes reference to Josef Albers colour studies in Homage to the Square. Begun in the early 1950s Albers studied the effects and interactions of color through the overlapping of coloured squares. In 1963 he published his systematic study in a small but influential book titled Interaction of Color (1963). In my photographic reinvention of his work I have used the somewhat minor form of the rectangle to frame a more incongruent interaction. Foiling the objective of precise modernist compositions, in Homage to a Rectangle I have unsystematically combined the allure of certain colours with the illusionistic function of photography. My objective; the surreal presence of a non-identifiable subject disrupts the prescribed visual language of hard-edged abstraction, by inserting slivers of a body and fragments of a face behind and against the usually flat cool surface of non-representational painting.