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Shadowing Portraits install 2016 by Cherine Fahd

Shadowing Portraits install  2016

Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne

Shadowing Portraits 2014-2016 considers the photographic encounter as a 'social contract'. This contract is negotiated in the act of portraiture between the subject and the photographer. In this work, twenty Australian photo artists pose for a portrait on a plinth. Fahd challenges them to stand in front of her camera whilst she customarily hides behind them to shadow their pose. Subsequently, her body concealed complicates theirs by forming 'another body'. In this series she tries to relinquish some authority by asking her subjects to pose as they wish, dress as they wish, look as they wish. She hides behind them also to be in the frame with them; thus removing herself from behind the camera and standing with her subjects in their moments of discomfort.  View pdf book.