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Friday essay: images of mourning and the power of acknowledging grief


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If I could go anywhere: India’s Varanasi — a sacred site on a river of rituals and altered states
Breath work: visualizing the invisible and relational breath
Difficult Images: A Family’s Hidden Photographs of Grief and Mourning
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Yearning For Touch - A Photo Essay
Apókryphos book
A Portrait is a Puzzle book
In camera and in public
In Camera and In Public by Naomi Cass 
In Naked Repose: The Face of Candid Portrait Photography by Daniel Palmer
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Stage Unstage: Photographs 1999-2008 by Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Cherine Fahd 
Stopping the Pendulum– the “Trafalgar Square” series by Cherine Fahd by Dr Nils Ohlsen  

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