THE DANCERS 2012-2016

The Dancers addresses the complex nature of looking and the ‘voyeurism’ inherent in the viewing of material uploaded to online video platforms such as Youtube in this case. Traditionally, the domestic was considered a private realm. Today, the private dimension of the ‘home’ is complicated when for instance young girls video themselves dancing in their bedrooms, living rooms and even kitchens. This material when uploaded to Youtube attracts a faceless audience of ‘lookers’. In making this work the artist implicates herself in an act of ‘voyeurism’; she sits in her kitchen trawling through videos of girls dancing, making screen grabs or photographing her laptop screen in order to freeze their frenetic moves and portray a snippet of the dance. This work asks an ethical question: “who else may be watching these young girls and is there a darker social problem here?” Further, the series captures the micro details of each dancer’s domicile; family photographs on the walls, laundry baskets filled with unfolded washing, wardrobes ajar revealing clothing, notes on the fridge. All the detritus of everyday domestic life is made public to millions of anonymous lookers. The Dancers was exhibited in Anonymx: The End of the Privacy Era at Haifa Museum of Art Israel.

Dancer 1
Dancer 2
Dancer 3
Dancer 4
Dancer 5
Dancer 6
Dancer 7
Dancer 8
Dancer 9
Dancer 10
Dancer 11
Dancer 12
Dancer 13
Dancer 14
Dancer 15
Dancer 16
Dancer 17
Dancer 18
Dancer 19
Dancer 20

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